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  • For more than 15 years, El watania has kept its commitment to our clients - to provide the best in integrated security systems supported by exceptional service.
  • Protect and secure your greatest assets, your people and your business. El watania provides solutions to companies that protect assets and keep their employees and customers safe. We build our reputation on providing excellent customer satisfaction as well as superior products and services.
  • We are a Security Systems Company. installs, and services video surveillance systems, intrusion alarms, access control systems, and integrates these systems for security, asset control, management control, and safety. We can help you with any security need. Give us a call or contact us today (+20224831858, +20226854920 ) .
  • Our priorities are Customer Service and Quality, all products and services are backed by a dedicated team of professionals available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. We perform a background check on all employees and we keep abreast of new technology and training to insure the high standards and professional quality our customers demand.

  • Vision

  • To become the leader company in Egypt and the Middle East.

  • Mission

  • The company provides all the security solutions and communication systems to the customer with high quality and suitable price ( surveillance camera, fire alarm systems. firefighting systems, security alarm systems , sound systems , telephone systems , security gates, time attendance and access control systems ) .

  • El-Watania Milestones

    ✔ 2003: - The establishment of the company and the beginning of its first project with Suez fertilizers Company.

    ✔ 2004 :- Installation of an integrated security Misr Bank ( Zamalek & city stars branches ).

    ✔ 2005: - Import of surveillance cameras from South Korea.

    ✔ 2006: - Supply and installation of an integrated security system for the hotels of Accor company.

    ✔ 2007: - Obtained the agency of the Korean company, D-MAX, for surveillance cameras.

    ✔ 2008: - Supply and installation of card and fingerprint attendance machine systems in Egypt.

    ✔ 2009: - Operation in Alexandria International Airport and implementation of GPS project in collaboration with the European Space Agency.

    ✔ 2010: - Obtained the agency of AVTECH and HICAM surveillance cameras.

    ✔ 2011: - Supply and installation of surveillance cameras for Crystal Asfour factory, the largest manufacturer of Crystal in the Middle East.

    ✔ 2012: - Implementation of the GPS station of Abu Simbel International Airport.

    ✔ 2013: - Obtained the agency of HUVIRON surveillance Cameras.

    ✔ 2014: - Implementation of a large number of tourism projects in Sharm El Sheikh.

    ✔ 2015: - Supply and installation of surveillance cameras of Akbar Al-Youm .

    Dear Customer, We will be honored that you become a part of El-Watania Corporation milestones.

    Watania merits

    ✔ El-Watania Corporation is quite different from the others for the following :-

  • El - Watania is the most deeply rooted company in the field of telecommunications and security systems in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • El-Watania Corporation is the only company offering quality product at an unparalleled affordable price.
  • El-Watania Corporation is the only one that continuously undergoes market studies to identify the market changes and to be aware of the customer's needs and work to meet them.
  • El-Watania Corporation has success stories with its customers through the after-sales service.
  • The most of El-Watania products are manufactured only for El-Watania.

  • Sustainable development

  • Sustainability is an important and natural part of Elwatania operations. El watania takes long-term responsibility in relation to customers, partners, employees and suppliers, and also responsibility in relation to the environment and society in general.

  • Company's management

  • The modern institutions consider the customer on the top of their priorities, which mean that El-Watania Corporation builds its internal management and external strategy according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

    •   73 Syria St , mohandessin,
          Giza , Egypt
    •   2B El-sarayat St , Abaseya,
           Cairo, Egypt
    •   (+202) 33050250
    •   (+202) 26854920
    •   (+202) 01000966202 - 01023454550
    • sales@elwatania.com

    About El Watania

    At the time when the Egyptian market was not familiar with the communication and security systems, El-Watania Corporation , through its continuous market study , has knew the value of safety and security for citizens, hence the company began from...

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