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- Whatever your business, wherever you work, El watania Fire Fighting solutions can be designed to protect your team and your operations. Our fire protection solutions include intelligent smoke and heat detectors, conventional and networked system controls, and the largest portfolio of fire suppression agents in the industry. And it is all designed, installed and maintained by El watania Fire Systems Solutions.

Fire Pump Systems

- Elwatania the leading for supply and installation of systems, fire pumps through successful projects in Egypt, Fire pumps, is a water pumps of particular specifications used to pay for water for fire-fighting systems of pipes and sprinklers.... etc when needed, depending on the nature of these systems.

- Each pump on the electric motor runs plugged feed reserves pumps to fight the fire to give 100% of the water required for firefighting also includes pump help JOCKEY to maintain a constant pressure level and to work instead of the fight against the main fire pump in the small emergency system include.

- Pumping system also includes a diesel engine runs another set of pumps to fight the fire give 100% of the water required to fight the fire so that the match to start the pumps in accordance with the requirements of network features, the engines and transmissions DRIVERS ability to playback capabilities inhalers in the Egyptian atmosphere ..The pumps either horizontal or vertical-type centrifuge.

Fire Fighting System using Water

- El watania offers optimal service at all levels. Fire Protection systems use normal water, converting it to fine water mist at a pressure of 80 to 200 bar.

- These water mist systems are not only 100% environmentally friendly but water mist systems are often more effective than conventional gas or water firefighting equipment.

- El watania is a market leader for land-based water mist systems. Our primary aim is to continuously improve the protection of person and property with our water mist systems.

Fire Fighting System using CO2

- Co2 is probably heavy gas, is heavier than oxygen and therefore falls quickly on the burnt area covered and isolates them oxygen, also has high cold helps to lower the temperature and thus inhibition of the combustion process.

- These cylinders red color, with a large nozzle, with a scale of pressure, gas-filled second compressed carbon oxidized in its liquid state and when used outside rushes roller in the case of gas as a result of the pressure drop.

- This is the kind of Alatghae the most appropriate choice for fire suppression caused by removable liquid substances resulting from the Achtaallowaharaiq petition Alkahrbaiaola used to extinguish the fire of the type (A). * Dry powder extinguishers.

Fire Fighting System using FM200

- The FM- 200 System SIEX Used as extinguishing agent HFC – 277ea ( FE -227 ) is colorless, odorless, electrically nonconductive and suitable for both Class A fires ( solids) and for class B fires ( flammable) liquids. It is an effective agent in protecting electrical hazards, such as computer rooms, server room , store room , ... etc. His power of extinction is high , for Class A fires .

Fire Fighting System using Foam

- Foam is a group of small bubbles combined air-filled, formed from an aqueous solution, and features. These bubbles that it is less dense than liquid combustible or flammable, and also less dense than Water is also characterized by its ability to adhesion surface of the burning liquid fuel, leading to the separation of fuel From the air, and prevent fuel vapors from escalating to the ambient air, cooling the fuel and to a lesser degree of Ignition temperature, and then to put out the fire.

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