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What is the roles of surveillance cameras (CCTV)

  • - Most of the requirements needed by any entity or a large or small company and even on houses or shops level, it has becomes age requirements of the times and the necessary peripherals that are indispensable in any way.
  • - Is the physical security of all your possessions, which protects it from theft and intrusion.
  • - In some cases, the mere existence of surveillance cameras in place to prevent the occurrence of incidents endless, because the outlaw when he wants to do criminal work and sees surveillance cameras everywhere, it puts a thousand account before a criminal act, which is adopted, and Here was the role of surveillance cameras very important in preventing the occurrence of the incident before they located and in the catch thieves before the theft.
  • - Working to control your facility and workflow seriously planning and control, and when the thieves feel they observers are caught, the theft and robbery of shops crimes will disappear and appear again, thanks to scientific advances in the field of surveillance cameras and the current imaging, which is in the process accurate portrayal live and follow-up the place that is being monitored by the owner of the place or the customer who wants to monitor the place to reassure the progress of work as required line and secure the place of harm thieves, and this in turn gives psychological comfort to the owner of the business and makes it reassuring to work and assured the safety entity responsible for it.
  • - If you have a place of business and you have workers in this trade shop and wants to secure the shop from thieves and embezzlers, and you want to monitor control workers so good that the work is performed to the fullest and as you want, you have to call EL Watania communications and security systems immediately on our numbers.

  • The importance of surveillance cameras

    • - The surveillance cameras to monitor the thieves who sneak into the business premises or brands or the mall or any of the commercial premises, which requires a type of protection and therefore whereupon these cameras to monitor this thief and photographing theft by a process and then the shop workers or grabbed him security and be Camera recording is the clearest evidence to convict him on charges of theft.
    • - The surveillance cameras to monitor the shop workers and follow up the progress of work in place and follow the employer timework because there are surveillance cameras everywhere and play these cameras to monitor workers and therefore the owner can place workers accountable for their failure to perform work or negligence in the performance of duty job they were assigned to.
    • - The surveillance cameras in shops or large logs the number of customers who buy from the shop brands and thus can be the owner of the shop to determine the purchase intensity flush with the customers on the other where the camera can be recorded to him the amount of customers who entered the store in the day and could have that calculations to know how motivated people to buy from his shop and thus able to identify any of the shops owned by the customers accept for purchase and the purchase of high density.
    • - Also some surveillance cameras working to secure the place against the occurrence of any disaster that may come as a result of negligence these cameras notice water keys and stoves, fire and when Note occurrence of any of leakage of water or ignition of the fire, the surveillance cameras imagine this event and thus monitoring team take the necessary procedures to eliminate measures Once the problem inception, and address it quickly.

    It's our roles here – EL Watania communications and security systems – that we:-

    - One of the first workers in this field in Egypt since the beginning of the founding of the company in 2003.

    - Our previous work supervisor and distinctive for all residential and government and private sectors.

    - Always take care of imaging accurately played by the camera.

    - Our engineers have the experience and capabilities and skill in providing the necessary support and advice to workers and installations and maintenance to the fullest.

    - Always care about the quality of the image to be photographed and especially at night.

    - We're looking for the long life span of the camera, which makes this a distinct cameras in your old cameras operational.

    - Protection and safety for you and provide you with your valuables.

    - Care about the quality of the surveillance cameras that we installed in your facility.

    - Take care of all the arts that other companies not care about.

    - Concerned with the purity of the image by the surveillance camera captured and through comparison between the cameras can select any of these cameras that capture the best picture and based on this you can select any of these cameras is the best surveillance cameras are located.

    - Give you time to ensure the maintenance and you need to install the cameras after the company and are committed to changing the cameras if you happened to her technical malfunction or succession throughout the warranty period.

    - Permanent access to the latest developments in the world of imaging technology and knowledge of imaging sizes and gauges your HDTV to take pictures and experience the species that the companies manufactured competition and the quality of these types of models of the rest of our existing cameras.

  • If you are one of the population of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and you have a shop or a company or a factory or a shop or a house or a school or any institution and I wanted to built control of these places system, you should contact us immediately on our numbers and will do the following:
  • - Inspect the place full inspection by experts and engineers in the installation of surveillance cameras to determine the appropriate places to put the cameras and the necessary place of the number of cameras that are filming everything is in place and then inspect the place and put the necessary number of cameras inside it.

    - The sales team in the company to contact you to identify and select the appropriate quality of high-quality cameras that you want to put in place.

    - Then the company's technical team to move to the place of installation.

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