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Metal detector gates for Persons

- Metal detector gates for persons.

- Indoor and outdoor gates available.

- Multiple areas gates.

- High sensitivity to detect metals.

- Brands available , Jewon Korean , Garrett US , Secuda Turkey , Micro Korean.

X-Ray detectors

- X-Ray detectors for luggages.

- Used in airports, hotels, malls and important places.

- Devices are available in sizes up to 35 * 53 100 * 100 cm.

- High sensitivity for metals.

- US brand Astrophysics available.

Hand Held Metal detectors

- Hand-held detector for detect metals.

- Hand-held with security persons.

- Voice and vibration alarm when there metals.

- Runs dry batteries.

- Brands available, Jewon Korean - Garrett US.

Reflective mirrors under vehicle

- Reflective mirrors under the vehicles.

- Used to detect explosives under the vehicles.

- Handheld Mirrors reflective.

- Reflective Mirrors hastily or without lighting Lighting.

- Available Local industry - imported.

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