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As an owner of a school or a nursery, you suffer from several problems :

1- Monitoring the teacher during school classes.

2- Monitoring students in dealing with each other.

3- Keeping the organization safe from vandalism and negligence.

4- Obtaining your customer satisfaction through monitoring their children in a convenient way.

5- Investigation in accidents in case of occurrence.

6- Investigation in complaints of parents.

7- Monitoring that all without being in the organization.

8- Keeping your organization safe from theft and fire .

Of course, if you find a solution for all of these problems you have to rush to get it from El-Watania Corporation which enables you to do so, cost-effectively, therefore through these security solutions you can get a lot of new customers.

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At the time when the Egyptian market was not familiar with the communication and security systems, El-Watania Corporation , through its continuous market study , has knew the value of safety and security for citizens, hence the company began from...

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