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The Governmental sector (Projects related to the government)

1- The protection of people and the public & private institutions is considered an urgent need currently.

2- However, the governmental sector can not deal with unknown companies, El-Watania is a deeply rooted company in its domain, its products specially manufactured for El-Watania, therefore El-Watania offers its hands for the all the governmental sectors.

3- El-Watania company has a strong history in dealing with the governmental sector , with its specifications and requirements .

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Marketing & Sales Dept.

✓ Mobil: - 01023454550

✓ Mobil: - 01023454551

✓ Mobil: - 01112222819

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  •   73 Syria St , mohandessin,
        Giza , Egypt
  •   2B El-sarayat St , Abaseya,
         Cairo, Egypt
  •   (+202) 33050250
  •   (+202) 26854920
  •   (+202) 01000966202 - 01023454550

About El Watania

At the time when the Egyptian market was not familiar with the communication and security systems, El-Watania Corporation , through its continuous market study , has knew the value of safety and security for citizens, hence the company began from...

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