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- The latest English protection systems in the world to protect against theft and you can deal with it on your own without the need for assistance of a home protection system connects to your phone or any other numbers in the event of breach of the place.

- The main controller + Remote sense translational + Remote sense of open doors and windows + Remote Control.

- You can expand the system by adding more sensors such as:

  • IR motion detectors.
  • Magnetic doors contacts.
  • window Glass break detector.
  • Sounders
  • - The main controller:

  • It contains Auto Dialer.
  • You can program and record up to 5 phone numbers.
  • It has an internal siren 105 decibels.

    •   73 Syria St , mohandessin,
          Giza , Egypt
    •   2B El-sarayat St , Abaseya,
           Cairo, Egypt
    •   (+202) 33050250
    •   (+202) 26854920
    •   (+202) 01000966202 - 01023454550

    About El Watania

    At the time when the Egyptian market was not familiar with the communication and security systems, El-Watania Corporation , through its continuous market study , has knew the value of safety and security for citizens, hence the company began from...

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