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We use attendance systems fingerprint or card or PIN codes Use these systems to determine the time attendance, leave, Signature, delays, overtime, days of absence, salary, discounts, observers, records .. When you use one of the fingerprint time attendance , you avoid falling into a lot of errors and problems of manipulation of attendance sheet and that was why you have a huge financial.

These kinds of devices have proved their efficiency in many companies and institutions, especially in the interests of government, banks, corporations and even medium and small size companies.

Most important functions of attendance system and leave fingerprint:

  • Recording date and leave time with a high accuracy.
  • A daily report for come and leave multiple options (depending on shifts) according to the needs of the facility.
  • Dealing with holiday and excuses ways easier.
  • The possibility of linking attendance device and leave (fingerprint) and one or more of the computer or more than one device.
  • Connectivity via the internal network or via Protocol (TCP \ IP) or by - fax Aujt phone modem and remote areas by boat attendance devices.
  • Identify public holidays according to the laws of the institution.
  • The possibility of using more than one fingerprint for hand (all fingerprints) of the employee so that the exchange be used in the event of injuries or any mind ease of access to the reports in record times and intervals.
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