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Our system is characterized by the following: -

  1. 1- The system is equipped to work without the need for any assistance programs Built In software.
  2. 2- Call screens acting alone and does not need computers to work with them.
  3. 3- The system does not require any controllers or units of additional drivers.
  4. 4- Screens reserves the call the last number dialed when power outages to start from the figure after the return of power.
  5. 5-System works tone Ding Dong and call the customer and the net number.
  6. 6- System provider unit Printer to print multiple tasks serial numbers beginning with 4 different services according to the client can be increased in the future to 12 service.
  7. 7- The unit can be programmed to the call so that all employees involved with another or more employees in the performance of the same service and work for the screen in this employee to receive figures from another employee, allowing the distribution of services that are repeated often will prevent congestion place.
  8. 8- Paging units with each employee connected to the system and printer not do business call in the case of the printer stops printing figures as a result of the lack of clients (only if you choose Online Printer Model TP – B.
  9. 9- Units call the Full Numerical each employee with a small screen shows the same number on the screen above.
  10. 10- Ticket number printed on it and the date, time and type of service provided and the name of the place, and any other data necessary to add.
  11. 11- The main screen you view the customer number that was called and the net number ticket or employee crowned mechanism.
  12. 12- Units call the Full Numerical with each employee by the numbers from 0 to 9 for the possibility of writing a particular number and without waiting for a summons without affecting the other sequence numbers and then clicking on the employee's request following number Call button.
  13. 13- Units can be used with the calling of each employee to operate Wireless Wired instead of using a conversion unit wireless.
  14. 14- Made in the system specifically in Egypt, allowing the possibility of the work of any adjustments when needed.
  15. 15- Units call the Full Numerical Each employee Recall button for the possibility of re-call another number.

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        Giza , Egypt
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         Cairo, Egypt
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